New Tracks

Here We Go

Pop Rock, Uptempo - Mid-Tempo intro then band kicks in for freeflowing bedtrack

A Haunted Lullaby

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - TRAILER - Horror Suspense with original sound design, builds with terrifying surprise in 4 acts

Boardwalk Boogie

Hard Rock, Mid-Tempo 96 BPM - Heavy blues boogie with a country feel, hooky riff builds with interesting bridge sections

A New Hope

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 76 BPM - Reflective and emotional tracks builds to triumphant climax

100 Percent Unstable

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 80 BPM - TRAILER - Drama Action Thriller with hard rock feel in 4 acts with coda, also good for tension and anticipation scene