New Tracks


Spaghetti Western, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - Cheeky and fun spaghetti western styled track with breaks, dynamics and detailed cut-downs

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - Serious tension builds with pad filters and orchestral accents

Being Watched

Jazz Underscore, Slow 120 BPM - Intense intro leads into sparse ambience, followed by noir feel

Altered Universe

Dramatic Underscore, Uptempo 120 BPM - TRAILER - Drama Action Thriller in 3 acts with coda, also good for tension and anticipation scene

A Rockin Score

Hard Rock, Uptempo 150 BPM - All-out rocking guitars emit blues riffs at a high energy pace 150 BPM - great for running, ads, movement