New Tracks

Big Rig

Hard Rock, Mid-Tempo 105 BPM - Low down dirty guitars with drums, bass and slide guitar that swell to a melodic finish

A Hero Takes Flight

Orchestral Underscore, Uptempo 52 - 80 BPM - A 3-part orchestral piece, beginning with anticipation build to tense aggressive section, finishing calmly

Folk Village Reprise 2

Orchestra Underscore, Mid-Tempo 100.00 BPM - Epic and rural sounding rhythmic cue builds up to climax then resolves


Orchestral Underscore, Uptempo 143.10 BPM - Epic call to arms feel in opening string ostinato, building to a frenzied climax with slight trail out to finish

Flor De Amor

Cuban Latin, Fast 090 BPM - Upbeat, fun, and truly cuban groove plays rhythmically and energetically with passion and inspiration