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Telly Awards

Senator Durbin For Illinois - winner of Gold & Silver Telly Awards - Schodorf Productions. Original Music By Scott Mitchell, Music Supervisor/Editor Peter Warnica

Chicago At The Crossroad - winner of 2 Gold & 3 Silver Telly Awards - Schodorf Productions. Original Music By Peter Warnica, Music Editing by Peter Warnica

Emmy Awards

Chicago At The Crossroad - winner of 5 Chicago/Mid-West Regional Emmy Awards, 7 nominations. Original Music By Peter Warnica, Peter Warnica nominated for Achievement In Audio


Somewhere In America - Schodorf Production. Original Music By Peter Warnica, Music Editing by Peter Warnica

Who We Are

Key Of E Music library offers boutique, carefully crafted music for use in audio-visual productions. The music available is curated by successful and experienced audio-visual composers who understand how to design music that helps tell a story and marries well to picture.

The Key Of E platform was created by veteran composer Peter Warnica as a solution to an increasingly demanding production environment, driven by personable client service and high quality music.

One-Stop Licensing

Pre-Cleared Composition + Masters rights for Audio-Visual Productions, with clean & clear ownership.

Custom Licensing

Flexible licensing parameters to meet almost any budget or production type, including worldwide in perpetuity for all media.

Blanket Licensing

Contact us to set up carte blanche use of all Standard tracks* and their associated stems.

Custom Music Option

Custom or commissioned original tracks and scores available upon request.

Exclusive Licensing

When available, tracks may be licensed exclusively for your brand or production in most territories, for a limited term.

License+Download Online - Or Just Email Us!

Audition, License and Download Standard* music after creating an account, or simply create an account then email us and we can set you up asap for Standard or Premium.

High Quality Customizable Music

Many of the cues we offer include stems or alternative mixes for increased flexibility in editing and mixing, which are included with your license.

We can often customize existing music tracks upon request for additional fees.

Music Solutions

Search | License | Pay | Download

Or simply reach out and we'll take care of it.

Create an account and access Standard tracks* directly online. We also offer Premium tracks** for higher end productions, available by contacting us directly.

Types Of Licenses Available

We offer "Standard", "Premium" and "Blanket" music licenses for audio-visual use, with the option for use in all media/worldwide in perpetuity.

All Standard music and/or their associated stems may be licensed individually directly online, or you may email us to set up purchase of a Blanket License, which provides full access to all non-exclusive compositions.

*Standard Available to all clients, with fixed rates dependent on usage. These tracks may be licensed and downloaded directly from the keyofemusic.com website.

**Premium High quality tracks for high end productions, often never previously licensed and often brand new releases. These tracks may be licensed by contacting us directly via email, and options are available for exclusive use if available.

Blanket All access to all Standard music tracks and their associated stems, licensed as a whole for unlimited use within a production. Please contact us to inquire.

All tracks are licensed with no recurring fees, unless an optional renewal term extension is desired for tracks that weren't originally licensed in perpetuity.

All licenses allow unlimited editing and re-use of the tracks within a single project, with no recurring fees. When available, the included stems and alt mixes may be used in isolation for an unlimited amount of times within the project for which it is licensed. This offering adds incredible value for the price of a single license. Cue sheets are required, which comes at no additional cost to the producer. (performance licenses relating to cue sheets are paid for by the broadcasters, who pay a blanket fee based on a percentage of their overall total ad revenue)

Audio Format

The audio files you download are 48KHz/24-bit aiff's, encoded with metadata via Soundminer Pro and watermarked with Sourceaudio.

All tracks come with either _Master, _Mix, _Stem or _StemNS contained at the end of the title.

_Master tracks are identical to _Mix tracks except they have increased loudness, energy, and compression.

_Stem tracks faders-up is equal to the sum of the _Mix track exactly.

_Stem tracks may be used in isolation as a track in and of themselves if appropriate, with the exception of _StemNS tracks.

Additional Services

We will provide free music direction and placement consulting for Key Of E Music tracks upon request. For an additional fee, we are happy to customize any music tracks further. For customization, theme packages, or other such requests, please contact us directly at quotes@keyofemusic.com


Underscore - music without prominent melodic elements and instrumentation, good for setting mood and drawing out introspective elements of characters.

Background Music - catchier music with melodic elements and multi-timbral elements, designed to pace and entertainment but not draw attention away from dialogue and story. Great for lifestyle programming.

Theme - the main title and end credits music, sometimes with bumpers and stings, which typically adds branding elements and a distinctive feel and character to a show.

License - Music may be used in your productions by purchasing a License from us, which covers all aspects of clearances. A License has a term and media usage attached to it. You have the option at Key Of E Music to license the music tracks you want for any time period from 3 months to forever, for all media now known or hereafter created, worldwide and throughout the universe. However, you do not own the music, you are licensing it, sometimes non-exclusively and sometimes exclusively, depending on your budget and availability of Premium tracks.

Perpetuity - a never-ending term for a music license. This term is generally used to describe a music license that is often granted for all media throughout the Universe, whether the media exists yet or not. Yes, you could license our music for Mars via alien technology.


How can I license music from Key Of E Music?

Simply register an account, search music, tap the green license button, select your license terms, proceed to the checkout cart, pay via credit card and download your tracks. Alternatively, contact us via email to discuss a blanket license providing access to all music, billed in instalments at a per-episode rate. Contact us directly if interested in licensing any Premium tracks.

Can I make a playlist?

Yes. Playlist is built into the checkout cart. Simply log in or sign up for an account, search music, tapping the License button for any tracks you are considering. To hear your collection, tap Cart logo and you'll find Play buttons for your tracks on the checkout page. Here, you can easily delete what you don't want to license, then continue to payment and download pages for tracks you do want to license. Or, in the case of Premium tracks, reach out to us via email and we'll respond quickly.

Is this library exclusive or non-exclusive?

Key Of E Music represents its works exclusively. For licensees of music, we offer 'Standard' music licenses a la carte or carte blanche, as well as offering a number of reserve tracks of exceptionally high quality as 'Premium' music licenses, available at a negotiable cost by contacting us directly.

All licenses include all pre-cleared rights needed for any production type, for immediate, clean, and fast licensing.

The Standard license offers non-exclusive use (meaning it is available to all registered clients and may or may not have been used elsewhere as background music in a tv show or other type of production). Standard licenses are often an ideal way for clients to meet budget restrictions but still be able to create a great soundtrack for their project.

The Premium license is for brand new or exceptionally high quality music that is reserved for higher level productions, and is not available as a Standard or Blanket license. These tracks may be licensed for a limited time period, or in perpetuity, and you must contact us directly to license these. For worldwide exclusive campaigns, some territories may be restricted depending on the request. Premium tracks are often ideal for themes, features, promos, trailers and advertising campaigns. In most cases, upon request, Premium tracks can include cutdown and stems. Usage of Premium tracks determine license price so please email or call us for a quote. We can also arrange for exclusive use of Standard tracks for a period of time - please contact us directly to inquire about this option.

Do I have to register before deciding if Key Of E music is right for my project?

You can audition all music on our website without registration. If registered, your cart can also act as a Playlist for convenient referencing of tracks you are considering for your project. Once you decide on music that is right for your project, you can check out or contact us directly contact us directly.

Can I download for personal listening use only?

No. This music is for professional-use downloading only.

Is this music good for editing to picture?

The music offered on the Key Of E Music website is packed full of dynamics, starts/stops, intros/outros and thematic buttons that are designed to generally stay out of the way of dialogue. If there is a dialogue conflict, often stems or alternate mixes are provided for maximum editing convenience and nuance refinement.

It's close but not quite what I need, what are my options?

We generally have full access to the mixes and can create customized elements for an additional fee. This fee will vary depending on the use and requirements, so please contact us to discuss in detail.

What are stems used for?

Sometimes when editing a scene or establishing motifs, subtle changes in the balance and instrumentation levels of the music can often make quite a difference to how effectively the score marries to the picture and sits within a scene, as well as add variance for repeated use.

Where musically appropriate, our tracks include stem breakdowns as follows:

  • _Master - a stereo mastered mix of the cue
  • _Mix - a pre-mastered exact sum of the stems
  • _Stem - a stereo breakdown of the instrumentation, ie drums and percussion separate from a melody line.

Stems are included in your license for no extra fee for your convenience. (does not apply to individually licensed stems). We suggest trying the _Master and/or _Mix versions first, then if neither is right, drop the _Master and work with the _Stems only, using the _Mix as a quick reference.

Suggested stem usage includes pulling the percussion in and out for dramatic effect, or perhaps temporarily pulling melody out of the way of dialogue. This provides a powerful flexibility to hone in on mood, dynamics, tension and nuance when editing a scene, with the added benefit of more flexibility in maneuvering around any potential dialogue frequency clashes.

Cost effective stem inclusions offer the potential of many cues for the price of one since our stems may be used on their own as "mini cues" in and of themselves, or licensed individually to appease budget restrictions, thus proving great value in your license. (does not apply to individually licensed stems).


Peter Warnica

Peter Warnica

In addition to founding the Key Of E Music library, Emmy-nominated composer Peter Warnica is an experienced and diverse film and tv composer whose music has had over 20,000 uses in film & television productions. Peter's music is found in hundreds of television episodes and series, having aired worldwide in at least 180 countries and broadcast on networks and OTT platforms such as HGTV (US & Canada), BBC (UK), NatGeo (US & Int'l), ITV (US), G4 (US), CBC (Canada), Global (Canada), E1 (Canada), Bio (US), Discovery Networks (Europe), Investigation Discovery (US), Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Peter was recently nominated for the 2020 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards relating to his score for the multiple award-winning documentary Chicago At The Crossroad, a film that garnered 7 nominations and 5 wins just at this event alone. Peter is also the credited music composer on many seasons of such popular tv series as Python Hunters, Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers, and Popstars (Canada's highest rated non-sports program ever at the time it aired), as well as on single seasons of series such as Psychic Investigators and Wipeout (Canada). Prior to film and television work, Peter was an award-nominated songwriter, as well as writer, producer and performer in the bands The Blue Heavies and Universal Blackout.

Peter created the Key Of E Music music licensing platform in response to the changing marketplace demands of independent producers and broadcasters, providing a fully-cleared, one-stop licensing platform to use pre-existing music, or as a hybrid approach between bespoke composition and off the rack music.

Read more about Peter's music credits here:


Jerome McPeek

Jerome McPeek

Toronto based composer Jerome McPeek's music for Film & Television has been broadcast around the world, including on Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic HD, YTV, in Commercial and Corporate Ads, Independent Feature Films, Short Films, as well as TV and Animation Series on OLN.

Drawing inspiration from his late father (composer/arranger Ben McPeek, arr. These Eyes, The Guess Who), Jerome began piano lessons at age five, followed by attending St. Michael's Choir School, where his studies included choral, theory, harmony and counterpoint. After studying piano at the Royal Conservatory Of Music and Orchestration and Composition under Victor Davies, he then discovered songwriting and rock and roll, soon picking up Guitar, Bass and Drums while performing with various bands. This eventually led to a record deal through SONY/Columbia with Daddys of Eden and Universal Music with Brule Sound Pharmacy.

Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell

Denver Colorado based composer Scott Mitchell, originally from Wisconsin, is a life-long musician and multi-instrumentalist, drawing inspiration from many genres. Starting music at age five, Scott has added numerous instruments to his skillset over the years, resulting in his bringing a wide sound palette and deep well of fresh ideas to his compositions.

Scott has worked in a number of areas of the visual media field, from film scoring to commercial training videos, theater sound design to dialogue audio cleanup, mixing and sound effects to running on-set audio. His work can be seen in a number of Denver-Based short films, The recent Theater presentation of "Taking Tea with the Ripper", a series of commercials for Lewan Technology (a Denver-based IT company) and a number of other projects. He brings this life-long passion to you through his contributions to production music libraries.

Luc Arsenault

Luc Arsenault

Luc Arsenault is a composer of music for film and television. For over a decade he has scored numerous programs, showing versatility in composing in a large variety of styles and genres. Some scoring highlights include the CBC TV animated series Chilly Beach (which featured the voice talents of such Canadian greats as William Shatner, Leslie Neilson, Andrea Martin, Joe Flaherty, and others) and Maple Shorts (Sean Cullen); feature films Dex Hamilton: Fire And Ice and Dex Hamilton And The Doomsday Swarm; and the recent psychological thriller/horror feature The Basement.

After picking up a guitar at age 12, Luc instantly knew that music would play a major role in his life. While banging away at rock and metal tunes and honing his ears and musical skills, he eventually found his way to all kinds of music, and in particular developed a fascination with orchestral music and film scores. Luc pursued formal music training, studying composition and classical guitar at the University of Ottawa (B. Mus.), and then continuing on to earn a Master of Music degree in Composition from Western University (London, Ontario).

In Nov. 2004, Luc was nominated for a Gemini Award for his original score for the season 1 Chilly Beach episode: Invasion Of The Beer Snatchers.

Harley Card

Harley Card

Harley Card has established himself as one of Canada's most prominent jazz guitarists and composers. Based in Toronto over a 20 year career Harley has become one of Toronto's most in demand musicians, bridging; jazz, rock, folk, and improvised music.

A member/composer for innovative Toronto ensembles; hobson's choice, God's Gift To Yoda, and Stoptime, Harley also leads his own groups; The Harley Card Quintet and Sunset Ensemble; an eight piece ensemble that features the composing and arranging of some of Canada's most creative musicians including; David French, Matt Newton, Dan Fortin, Michael Davidson, and Ted Crosby. Harley's music is a mainstay on CBC radio, Jazz FM, NPR, and many other radio stations worldwide. In 2017 Harley lived in New York City to study with master guitarist; Peter Bernstien. Harley's composition and arranging teachers include; Phil Nimmons, Mike Malone, Dave McMurdo, and Terry Promane. Harley was a semi-finalist in the 2008 Gibson, Montreux Jazz festival guitar competition. Harley is a multiple recipient of a grants from from The Canada Council for The Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and The Toronto Arts Council for recording, composing, touring, and study projects. As a screen composer and music supervisor Harley has worked with House Edge Media and Sharper EDJ Productions in addition to his own multimedia projects for his company; Drac Yelrah Music.

"Card's musical sensibility is fully formed and urbane. His writing reflects a sense of history and is therefore worldly wise." - Raul d'Gama Rose - All About Jazz

Pablosky Rosales

Pablosky Rosales

Born in Havana Cuba, Pablosky Rosales is graduated from "Instituto Superior Pedagógico Enrique Jose Varona" in the specialty of Musical Education. In 2002 he started working as a Tres guitar player and backing vocalist with the internationally acclaimed band CUBANISMO until he relocated to Toronto Canada after taking part, also as a composer and arranger in the Grammy award nominated recording "Greetings from Havana" of this band (2008).

Since his arrival in Toronto he has collaborated and recorded with some of the most important Salsa, Cuban music and Latin jazz acts in Canada, such as "Amanda Martinez", "Conjunto Lacalu" ,"Son Ache", "Café Cubano", "Guaracha y Son" and Luis Mario Ochoa's "Cuba tradicional". Other important artistic endeavours include Film Scoring credits and the Musical Direction of shows at the Flato Markham Theatre as well as the prestigious Elgin - Winter Garden theatre in Toronto.

Bryan Minus

Bryan Minus

Composer Bryan Minus lives in Portland, Oregon. He has been scoring music for film and video games for over 5 years, including the indie features 'Behind the Bullet', 'Pompeii', and 'Oregon'. Bryan's score for 'Vicious' won Best Score/Music at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

In addition, Bryan also wrote the soundtrack for the VR game called 'Ship It' which made it into the 2017 PAX 10. Bryan's work on video games includes the mobile game 'Bloom Barrage', and the adventure game 'Waiting For The Loop'. When Bryan is not composing, you can find him reading, watching movies, or drinking a cup of his Portland home-roasted coffee.