A Rockin Score_Master

A Rockin Score
Peter Warnica
Stems (24)

Hard Rock, Uptempo 150 BPM - All-out rocking guitars emit blues riffs at a high energy pace 150 BPM - great for running, ads, movement

A Rockin Score_30s_Rhythm
A Rockin Score_30s_Mix
A Rockin Score_Hits
A Rockin Score_60s_Guitars1
A Rockin Score_60s_Guitars2
A Rockin Score_15s_Master
A Rockin Score_30s_Guitars1
A Rockin Score_30s_Hits
A Rockin Score_Mix
A Rockin Score_15s_Mix
A Rockin Score_30s_Guitars2
A Rockin Score_AltMix1_Loud
A Rockin Score_Guitars2
A Rockin Score_30s_Master
A Rockin Score_Guitars1
A Rockin Score_AltMix2
A Rockin Score_15s_Guitars2
A Rockin Score_15s_Rhythm
A Rockin Score_15s_Guitars1
A Rockin Score_AltMix1_Quiet
A Rockin Score_60s_Rhythm
A Rockin Score_15s_Hits
A Rockin Score_Rhythm
A Rockin Score_60s_Mix

Achieving Your Best_Master

Achieving Your Best
Peter Warnica
Stems (13)

Urban Pop, Mid-Tempo 128 BPM - Trap & EDM-influenced catchy pop track w vocal hooks 128 BPM - breaks at 6s, 13s, 30s, 47s, 1:01, 1:18

Achieving Your Best_60s_Mix
Achieving Your Best_5s_Master
Achieving Your Best_15s_Master
Achieving Your Best_Mix
Achieving Your Best_Hits
Achieving Your Best_60s_Master
Achieving Your Best_5s_Mix
Achieving Your Best_PadsSynths
Achieving Your Best_30s_Master
Achieving Your Best_15s_Mix
Achieving Your Best_Rhythm
Achieving Your Best_Guitar
Achieving Your Best_30s_Mix

Achieving Your Best_V2_Master

Achieving Your Best V2
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Urban Pop, Mid-Tempo 128 BPM - Trap & EDM-influenced catchy pop track w vocal hooks 128 BPM - breaks at 6s, 13s, 30s, 47s, 1:01, 1:18

Achieving Your Best_V2_Mix
Achieving Your Best_V2_Rhythm
Achieving Your Best_V2_Hits
Achieving Your Best_V2_Guitar
Achieving Your Best_V2_PadsSynths

Evasive Pursuit_Master

Evasive Pursuit
Scott Mitchell
Stems (8)

Trance EDM, Mid-Tempo 122 BPM - Driving electronic track sits between House and Trance, 3-part structure w builds and breaks

Evasive Pursuit_Synths
Evasive Pursuit_15s
Evasive Pursuit_SFX
Evasive Pursuit_Drums
Evasive Pursuit_30s
Evasive Pursuit_Mix
Evasive Pursuit_Bass
Evasive Pursuit_60s

Forward Facing_Master

Forward Facing
Peter Warnica
Stems (26)

Traditional Pop, Mid-Tempo 138 BPM - Nice light catchy that builds in 4-parts with breaks and uplifting ending

Forward Facing_Rhythm_60s
Forward Facing_Leads
Forward Facing_SynthsPads_15s
Forward Facing_Guitars_15s
Forward Facing_Master_30s
Forward Facing_Rhythm
Forward Facing_Leads_15s
Forward Facing_Master_60s
Forward Facing_Mix_15s
Forward Facing_Rhythm_30s
Forward Facing_Leads_60s
Forward Facing_Master_15s
Forward Facing_Master_5s
Forward Facing_Guitars_30s
Forward Facing_SynthsPads_30s
Forward Facing_AltMix2
Forward Facing_Mix_60s
Forward Facing_Mix
Forward Facing_SynthsPads
Forward Facing_Rhythm_15s
Forward Facing_Mix_5s
Forward Facing_Mix_30s
Forward Facing_Leads_30s
Forward Facing_Guitars
Forward Facing_SynthsPads_60s
Forward Facing_Guitars_60s


Peter Warnica
Stems (15)

Spaghetti Western, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - Cheeky and fun spaghetti western styled track with breaks, dynamics and detailed cut-downs



Pablosky Rosales
Stems (5)

Classical Guitar Underscore, Slow 120 BPM - Pleasant nylon guitars soft weave in and out of melodic statements


Midnight Blue_Master

Midnight Blue
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Blues Rock, Slow 80 BPM - Slow swagger blues-influenced instrumental, reminiscent of 60's soul music

Midnight Blue_AltMix1
Midnight Blue_AltMix2
Midnight Blue_NoSlide
Midnight Blue_LessGuitar
Midnight Blue_Mix

Neptuno y Belascoain_Master_60s

Neptuno y Belascoain
Pablosky Rosales
Stems (6)

Cuban Underscore, Uptempo 180 BPM - Cuban infused percussion and guitar enchant with infectious rhythm and positive vibes

Neptuno y Belascoain_4sSting
Neptuno y Belascoain_30s
Neptuno y Belascoain_15s
Neptuno y Belascoain_AltMix_60s
Neptuno y Belascoain_Tema
Neptuno y Belascoain_7sSting

New Rise

New Rise
Pablosky Rosales
Stems (3)

Orchestral Underscore, Uptempo 161 BPM - Sparse piano builds to fulfilling climax with graceful and flowing strings

New Rise_15s
New Rise_30s
New Rise_60s

Triple Three_60s

Triple Three
Pablosky Rosales
Stems (8)

Classical Guitar Underscore, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - Beautiful nylon guitars interweave gently and melodically

Triple Three_15s
Triple Three_Tres Solo_30s
Triple Three_Duet_30s
Triple Three_Trio_30s
Triple Three_Duet_15s
Triple Three_Tres Solo_15s
Triple Three_30s
Triple Three_Trio_15s