Battle Scars_Master

Battle Scars
Bryan Minus
Stems (6)

Orchestral Underscore, Mid-Tempo 130 BPM - Ostinato woodwinds in isolation

Battle Scars_Woodwinds
Battle Scars_Percussion&FX
Battle Scars_Piano
Battle Scars_LowStrings
Battle Scars_HighStrings
Battle Scars_Brass

Dangerous Situation_Master

Dangerous Situation
Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Tension Underscore, Slow 118.70 BPM - Tense airy pads swell with sparse percussion, builds in intensity to climax

Daring Feat_Master

Daring Feat
Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Dramatic Underscore, Fast 160.40 BPM - Aggressive low rhythmic drums pound as sweeping strings join to build to climax in dynamics and tempo