Grizzly Discovery_Master

Grizzly Discovery
Peter Warnica
Stems (4)

Tension Underscore, Slow - Disturbing sinister pads and sound fx

Grizzly Discovery_Horror
Grizzly Discovery_Pad
Grizzly Discovery_Mix
Grizzly Discovery_Piano

Locker Room

Locker Room
Jerome McPeek
Stems (0)

Orchestral Underscore, Mid-Tempo 112.00 BPM - Suspense building track with dynamic moments


Jerome McPeek
Stems (0)

Hard Rock, Mid-Tempo 65 BPM - Pulsating and anticipatory bed explodes into heavy disorientating rhythm

Slowly Drowning_FullMix

Slowly Drowning
Bryan Minus
Stems (7)

Suspense Underscore, Slow 62 BPM - Sparse reflective, almost noir piece that evokes mystery, sullenness, and suspense

Slowly Drowning_AltMix2
Slowly Drowning_AltMix1
Slowly Drowning_Horns
Slowly Drowning_BassDrums
Slowly Drowning_Synth
Slowly Drowning_ViolinStabs
Slowly Drowning_Piano


Peter Warnica
Stems (4)

Dramatic Underscore, Slow 159.30 BPM - Airy atmospheric drone


Suspense On Train_FullMix

Suspense On Train
Bryan Minus
Stems (4)

Tension Underscore, Mid-Tempo 108 BPM - Intense tension buildup leaves you hanging

Suspense On Train_AltMix
Suspense On Train_HighStrings
Suspense On Train_Synth
Suspense On Train_LowStrings

Uneasy Feeling_Master

Uneasy Feeling
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Tension Underscore, Slow - Low grinding Drone

Uneasy Feeling_Pad
Uneasy Feeling_Percussion
Uneasy Feeling_Fx
Uneasy Feeling_Mix
Uneasy Feeling_MelodicPercussion

Watching And Waiting_Master

Watching And Waiting
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Tension Underscore, Slow - Very sparse childlike hi bells play subtle melody

Watching And Waiting_Bells
Watching And Waiting_HeavyPad
Watching And Waiting_Mix
Watching And Waiting_Bells2
Watching And Waiting_LowPad