Busy Times_Master

Busy Times
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Jazz Funk, Mid-Tempo 115 BPM - Horn lines and stabs

Busy Times_HornSynths
Busy Times_Strings
Busy Times_Rhythm
Busy Times_Guitars
Busy Times_Mix

Dont Dry Your Eyes

Dont Dry Your Eyes
Peter Warnica
Stems (3)

Pop Rock, Mid-Tempo 132 BPM - Light pop rock song with slight country flavor, 30s edit

Dont Dry Your Eyes_30s
Dont Dry Your Eyes_30s_Instrumental
Dont Dry Your Eyes_Instrumental

Rolling The Dice_Master

Bryan Minus
Stems (7)

Jazz Underscore, Uptempo 138 BPM - Trombone in isolation

Rolling The Dice_Trombones
Rolling The Dice_TrumpetLead
Rolling The Dice_Drums
Rolling The Dice_Piano
Rolling The Dice_Bass
Rolling The Dice_Guitar
Rolling The Dice_AltMix

We're On Our Way_Master

We're On Our Way
Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Classic Rock, Uptempo 132.07 BPM - Catchy gritty guitar riff jams out with 3-piece funk rock band