City Lite_Master

City Lite
Peter Warnica
Stems (1)

Dance Urban, Mid-Tempo 99.99 BPM - Rhythmic intro with added electronic instrumentation

City Lite_Mix

Drivin House_Master

Drivin House
Peter Warnica
Stems (4)

House Electronic, Uptempo 129.98 BPM - Groove based, similar intensity throughout

Drivin House_Rhythm
Drivin House_Mix
Drivin House_GuitarDelays
Drivin House_GuitarRhythm

Midnight Blue_Master

Midnight Blue
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Blues Rock, Slow 80 BPM - Slow swagger blues-influenced instrumental, reminiscent of 60's soul music

Midnight Blue_AltMix1
Midnight Blue_AltMix2
Midnight Blue_NoSlide
Midnight Blue_LessGuitar
Midnight Blue_Mix

Mountain High_Master

Mountain High
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Dance House Electronic, Mid-Tempo 111.99 BPM - Rockin yet dreamy groove holds steady throughout

Mountain High_Mix
Mountain High_Rhythm
Mountain High_Synth
Mountain High_Synths
Mountain High_Pads

On The Highway_Master

On The Highway
Peter Warnica
Stems (1)

Drum And Bass Electronic, Uptempo 120.17 BPM - Spy flavored lead plays confidently over top of solid steady groove

On The Highway_Mix


Peter Warnica
Stems (3)

Rock Urban, Mid-Tempo - Sparse single piano notes play melody in isolation


Struttin In_Master

Struttin In
Peter Warnica
Stems (1)

Alt Rock, Mid-Tempo 96 BPM - Steady guitars with ethereal slide hold neutral riffs and marching beats

Struttin In_Mix


Pablosky Rosales
Stems (0)

Electronic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 095 BPM - Quirky chilled out groove with introspective vibe