A Romantic Pursuit_FullMix

A Romantic Pursuit
Bryan Minus
Stems (5)

Orchestral Underscore, Mid-Tempo 105 BPM - Playful brass in isolation

A Romantic Pursuit_Brass
A Romantic Pursuit_LowStrings
A Romantic Pursuit_HighStrings
A Romantic Pursuit_Woodwinds
A Romantic Pursuit_Perc

Comedy Light_Master

Comedy Light
Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Urban Underscore, Mid-Tempo 129.97 BPM - Light fun happy groove with simple sparse melody

Cool, Calm, Collected_Master

Cool, Calm, Collected
Peter Warnica
Stems (3)

Hip Hop Urban, Mid-Tempo 104.01 BPM - Drums and Bass rhythm with guitar lead licks

Cool, Calm, Collected_Rhythm
Cool, Calm, Collected_Melody
Cool, Calm, Collected_Mix

The Aeronaut_FullMix

The Aeronaut
Bryan Minus
Stems (6)

Dramatic Underscore, Uptempo 145 BPM - Strings in isolation

The Aeronaut_Viola&Clarinet
The Aeronaut_LowStrings
The Aeronaut_HighStrings
The Aeronaut_Pianos
The Aeronaut_Glockenspiel&Celeste
The Aeronaut_Choir