Funky Explorer_Master

Funky Explorer
Peter Warnica
Stems (7)

Tension Underscore, Slow - Holding Pulsing Drone

Funky Explorer_KeysPads
Funky Explorer_Mix
Funky Explorer_GuitarFills
Funky Explorer_Rhythm
Funky Explorer_Guitar
Funky Explorer_Bells2
Funky Explorer_Bells

Predator Or Prey_Master

Predator Or Prey
Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Tension Underscore, Mid-Tempo 132.48 BPM - Pads with heavy sparse percussion hits and short rhythm spurts


Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Tension Underscore, Mid-Tempo 95.21 BPM - Isolated sporadic percussion



Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Drum And Bass Underscore, Fast 85.08 BPM - Intense jungle beat with sparse power chords creates steady backdrop of intensity

Subtle Dramatic_Master

Subtle Dramatic
Peter Warnica
Stems (0)

Suspense Underscore, Slow 140.14 BPM - Strong drone with occasional percussive hits and ethereal strings and airy pads, builds in intensity without big climax

Suspense On Train_FullMix

Suspense On Train
Bryan Minus
Stems (4)

Tension Underscore, Mid-Tempo 108 BPM - Intense tension buildup leaves you hanging

Suspense On Train_AltMix
Suspense On Train_HighStrings
Suspense On Train_Synth
Suspense On Train_LowStrings

The Setup 2_Master

The Setup 2
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Urban Rock, Uptempo - Synth drones and sustained chords

The Setup 2_Synths
The Setup 2_Pads
The Setup 2_Rhythm
The Setup 2_Mix
The Setup 2_Leads