Park Kiss_Master

Park Kiss
Bryan Minus
Stems (5)

Orchestral Underscore, Slow 71 BPM - Woodwinds in isolation

Park Kiss_WoodWinds
Park Kiss_Harp
Park Kiss_HighStrings
Park Kiss_LowStrings
Park Kiss_Percussion

The Arrival

The Arrival
Luc Arsenault
Stems (0)

Orchestral Underscore, Slow 55 BPM - Part of a cohesive set of orchestral and electronic cues with common motifs and themes, perfect for animation, mystery, or sci-fi

Wide Open Spaces_Master

Wide Open Spaces
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Trip Hop Electronic, Mid-Tempo - Strange ethereal light airy pads

Wide Open Spaces_Pads
Wide Open Spaces_Harmonics
Wide Open Spaces_Pads2
Wide Open Spaces_Mix
Wide Open Spaces_Rhythm