Yemi Nicholson
Stems (0)

Urban Hip Hop, Mid-Tempo 80 BPM - Chilled groove with ambient vocal fx transitions through various classic rhythms

A Haunted Lullaby_Master

A Haunted Lullaby
Paul Prochnowski, Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - TRAILER - Horror Suspense with original sound design, builds with terrifying surprise in 4 acts

A Haunted Lullaby_Mix
A Haunted Lullaby_PadsSynths
A Haunted Lullaby_Orchestra
A Haunted Lullaby_Rhythm
A Haunted Lullaby_Hits Drops Rises

Crime Solve_Master

Crime Solve
Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 70 and 120 BMP - Investigative cue, good for clues at the scene of a mysterious crime

Crime Solve_Rhythm
Crime Solve_Mix
Crime Solve_Hits
Crime Solve_Synths
Crime Solve_Orchestra

Failed Escape_Master

Failed Escape
Bryan Minus
Stems (8)

Orchestral Underscore, Uptempo 140 BPM - Spaghetti western surf guitar chords in isolation

Failed Escape_Guitar
Failed Escape_WineGlasses
Failed Escape_HighStrings
Failed Escape_Synth
Failed Escape_AltMix
Failed Escape_AltMix2
Failed Escape_Drums
Failed Escape_LowStrings


Peter Warnica
Stems (5)

Tension Underscore, Mid-Tempo 95.21 BPM - Isolated sporadic percussion


Ready For Anything

Ready For Anything
Jerome McPeek
Stems (0)

Hard Rock, Mid-Tempo 75 BPM - Metal flavoured rock bed, sets an aggressive or brooding tone

String Sting

String Sting
Jerome McPeek
Stems (0)

Orchestral Underscore, Mid-Tempo 0.00 BPM - Turning point sting hinting at suspense, red herring or plot twist

Where Are You_Master

Where Are You
Scott Mitchell
Stems (4)

Dramatic Underscore, Mid-Tempo 120 BPM - Mysterious intro builds to slowly rising finish

Where are you_Mix
Where are you_Percussion
Where are you_SynthBassFX
Where are you_FluteGuitarStrings